Greetings, Heroes and Merchants – and Happy Moonlighter’s 2nd Anniversary!

We are thrilled to announce that the world of Moonlighter is getting enriched with a ton of fresh content in the huge new expansion, Between Dimensions DLC! It lands on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch NOW and is available on all digital stores for $6.99. Check out the brand new launch trailer below:

This expansion’s release is made extra special as Moonlighter crosses a significant milestone of one million copies sold after two years on the market, with the biggest revenue coming from sales on the Nintendo Switch! The total number of players since November 2018 reached a whopping 3.5 million. Developer Digital Sun and Publisher 11 bit studios share their thoughts on this achievement:

“Moonlighter was definitely a game-changer for us and it shaped what Digital Sun is today. The community around the game had already reached 100k players by the time we developed numerous free updates and now it has reached one million owners just in time for the new expansion to conquer consoles. Wow! Thanks to the players for all the support!” – Digital Sun CEO, Javi Gimenez.

“When looking for games to publish, we always look for an extraordinary vibe… something that makes a mark. Digital Sun is a fantastic, talented team and when we saw Moonlighter for the first time, it immediately grabbed our attention and we were excited to work with them on the game. I’m happy to say that this unique gem has a really big hit from 11 bit studios publishing and we’re excited to see Between Dimensions hitting consoles. Congratulations to Digital Sun Games on creating such a successful game!” – 11 bit studios Publishing Director, Pawel Feldman.

About the Between Dimensions DLC:

The village of Rynoka. Once again peaceful and prosperous after the events of the Fifth Door. Shaded with green trees, inhabited by adventurous and entrepreneurial creatures alike. You can understand why a person would like to live here endlessly. However, life doesn’t stop for anybody. The wind of change is blowing through Rynoka. A new, cryptic Portal appeared out of nowhere. Does it bring a new threat? Or is it a new way to make an easy profit? And most importantly… are you prepared to enter the unknown?

Accessing the Between Dimensions content requires players to finish the main game first. Please note that some content listed below will be available to all owners of the game free of charge.

Between Dimensions expansion features:

  • A brand-new Interdimensional Dungeon (with a chance for it to appear as a Corrupted Dungeon in the original dungeons!)
  • 10 all-new original enemies and 5 minibosses
  • A full set of weapons with a new short sword, a large sword, bow, gloves, and spear
  • A new set of armor with a helmet, chest, and boots
  • Trick weapons – 10 unique weapons in total – both powerful… and punishing!
  • New rings for boosting Will’s passive abilities
  • New shop upgrade allowing Will to showcase his new Interdimensional Items
  • New customers wanting to trade and an unfamiliar NPC: The Trader
  • Additional story and lore
  • New thieves to invade your shop (free content)
  • A new client – the indecisive customer (free content)
  • A bothersome bird terrorizing your customers (free content)

Additional fixes and tweaks:

  • we have also improved overall performance and stability on all consoles thanks to updating Unity-related stuff
  • minor fixes for lots of super small and cute bugs

Digital Sun Games & 11 bit studios

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