Greetings, Heroes and Merchants!

We have some great news for you! Moonlighter gets enriched with a free update mostly focusing on Will’s precious shop. It brings a new not-sure-if-I-want-it-yet indecisive customer that needs to be quickly taken care of, a thief trying to plunder your cash and a bothersome bird that is terrorizing those who want to contribute to your earnings. Besides, players will get 4 new Baby Slim companions and right-away access to Rings and Amulets which were previously available only in the New Game+ mode.

Last but not least – all the game fixes and polishes brought in with Between Dimensions expansion which had debuted last year on PC will be implemented into the consoles version right now. And yes, that also means that Moonlighter’s biggest expansion to date is on the last stretch and will debut on Switch, Xbox One & PS4 very soon. Find the full list of changes below!

List of new, free stuff:

  • • A new thief trying to steal your money from the cash register!
  • • A new client – the indecisive customer – better hurry and attend them!
  • • A bothersome bird terrorizing your customers – so little, yet so dangerous!
  • • 4 new Baby Slime companions – too cute to be true!
  • • And on top of that, the basic Rings and Amulets (not the ones from the DLC, tho!) are now available during your first playthrough (if you didn’t know: before they were available only in New Game+ Mode).

General Fixes:

  • • Crash on startup
  • • Crash on opening chests in dungeons
  • • Fixed issue with overwriting items in chests
  • • All Familiar eggs should now drop in new game+
  • • Fixed issue where mimic chest could not be interacted with
  • • Fixed infinite loading after using Banker
  • • Fixed infinite loading after reaching the end of the calendar year
  • • Sorting should now also stack items
  • • Sorting option should now affect all pages in multi-paged chest
  • • Crafting high-end weapons at Blacksmith should now consume the correct amount of resources
  • • Fixed issue where Le Retailer NPC could have items in stock that should not be present there
  • • Potions at Witch NPC should now display correct prices
  • • Fixed issue with Will’s fists damage
  • • Exclamation mark over Witch in new game+ should now properly update
  • • Minor language corrections

Dungeon Fixes:

  • • Hermit Slime (big fist) should now spawn properly
  • • Fixed Infinite loading on using Merchant Emblem portal
  • • Eggs should now always be properly transferred upon returning from the dungeon
  • • Fixed Tesla Miniboss icon in dungeon summary screen
  • • Fixed death animation of some enemies

Shop Fixes:

  • • Fixed issue where items would disappear upon restocking a stack of items at the sale box
  • • Fixed display of income in sale box in new game+

We hope that you like the new content and that the fixes will make your playthroughs smoother! And, obviously, we can’t wait for you to play the Between Dimensions DLC – coming soon to a village near you!

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